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Marjolein Helder

 Marjolein Helder

Marjolein Helder, MSc. PhD. graduated from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, as a PhD in November 2012. She did research into a technology to produce electricity from living plants. During her PhD-research she founded the company Plant-e to bring the unique and innovative technology from her research to the market. During the years 2008-2012 she worked part-time in research and part-time in setting up the business. Since November 2012 she’s been working full-time as CEO of Plant-e to further expand the company and develop products based on the technology to produce electricity with living plants.

Plant-e has bought the patent for the technology from Wageningen University and has grown from the initial 2 founders in 2012 to 8 employees in 2016, with another 6 part-timers on standby. Plant-e has successfully launched the first two products to the market in 2014. Plant-e was awarded Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Marjolein is a well-trained and regularly hired speaker for a multitude of events, including different TEDx-events, where she brings across the message of sustainable electricity from living plants with great enthusiasm. In her free time she plays rugby and sings in a band. 

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